Welcome back, Eternal Astronauts, as we travel to Mars.

Sit back, turn up your headphones, and take this journey through space and time with our three astronauts...or is it just one?

Featuring music collaboration with Alex Lopez, voice work by Sameep Naik, and a beautiful cover design by Tawny Rachelle.

Outer Space Transistor - Mission 002: Mars

You have once again tuned into the Outer Space Transistor, where we get to experience a truly life-altering journey from Earth to the red planet of Mars. Venturing through the ups and downs of this perilous adventure, the artists take you on a musical voyage that is sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic, but always moving. Covering several genres of music, this intense album reads much more as a soundtrack for the journey instead of a simple, genre-filling "space" album.

Featuring the voices of sameep naik and alex lopez.

album art by tawny rachelle.

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Outer Space Transistor - Mission 001: Mercury

An album of calming ambient music to help make you feel like you're drifting through space.

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