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Moon &


Coming May 2021

Welcome to the Studio of JC Greening.

Travel through the seasons and to distant places,

via music, poetry, and visions.

Sit next to a fire, look up into the sky, and let yourself

become pure human.

Lonely Land
Volume I: The north Rockies

Explore the upper regions of the Northern Rockies through the lens of poet photographer, JC Greening. Mostly black and white photography, with just a splash of color, you will soon find yourself lost in the mountainous regions of your vision and soul.


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Outer Space Transistor - Mission 002: Mars

You have once again tuned into the Outer Space Transistor, where we get to experience a truly life-altering journey from Earth to the red planet of Mars. Venturing through the ups and downs of this perilous adventure, the artists take you on a musical voyage that is sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic, but always moving. Covering several genres of music, this intense album reads much more as a soundtrack for the journey instead of a simple, genre-filling "space" album.

Featuring the voices of sameep naik and alex lopez.

album art by tawny rachelle.

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The Tuft & The Absent Video

Fans of the Infinite can now hear the first series of poems from my newly released poetry collection, "Death Fields & Love Storms", on YouTube.  Enjoy my original photography accompanying these humble words of The Tuft and The Absent. As always, thank you for your support and love, and keep striving.