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Images breed imagination, thought, and feeling.  One can see something with the eyes, but one can also “see” something with his mind when logic and understanding solidify and appear, or one can “see” in her dreams and nightmares the truest of personal documentary films.  Watch this space for the visions of JC Greening; including photography, film, and music videos; and become lost in a shared dreamscape. 

The Mermaids Melt At Dawn Cover
The cover I painted and created for the author Grendolyn Peach Soleil and her new release, The Mermaids Melt at Dawn.
Sunset Splash
Pastel Chalk, 21" x 15"
"To shield oneself behind waves is to shine brightly to the horizon."
A Swim at Midnight
Water Color Paint and Pencil, 21" x 15"
"Nature reveals herself most under full moon."
Acrylic Paint, 21" x 15"
"Beauty can always be found in reflections and rocks."
The Contemplation
Acrylic Paint, 36" x 24"
"Waiting is inevitable, but whether you are waiting to leave shore or to land on shore is what matters."
Dolphin Sunset
Water Color Pencil, 11" x 15"
"May we always be swimming toward a beautiful sky."
Passing Time for a Sand Storm
Acrylic Paint, 48" x 36"
"Even amidst the desert, mermaids can be found...thirsting for more time."
Sunset Jumps 2016
Acrylic and Water Color, 48" x 36"
Though the race itself is violent, the relationship between man and beast can truly be beauty in motion.
Monuments 2014
Acrylic and Water Color, 48" x 36"
Always stand tall against the horizon, no matter what looms.
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