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The Scribblings of JC Greening


Throughout the age of humankind, the written word has held the greatest of powers to be wielded here on earth.  Find the best of synthesized words from one of the many insignificant souls in the crowd upon these digital pages, including JC Greening’s poetry, short stories, serialized novellas, academic essays, and many other scribblings.  And just perhaps, these collections of words will have a power over you, mesmerizing you under the spell of “Return Often”.

Lonely Land
Volume I: The north Rockies

Explore the upper regions of the Northern Rockies through the lens of poet photographer, JC Greening. Mostly black and white photography, with just a splash of color, you will soon find yourself lost in the mountainous regions of your vision and soul.


hardcover Version Available at:  Blurb

PDF Version Available At:  Blurb

Death Fields & Love Storms

Within this first collection of poems concerning the "Philoetry" movement, JC Greening explores the two sides of humanity that constantly battle each other in everyday existence: Sinner and Saint, Shadow and Light, Evil and Right. The physical book itself forces this dual comparison, as the left side pages contain all of the love storms and the right side consists of all the death fields, showing how even in one book, the duality of life can co-habitat together to make one individual. JC Greening invites you to take deeper root in the world, inside and out, as you begin to see how duality exists in all things, even though we often go through our routines never contemplating this complex reality.


Audio Version Available at:  Bandcamp

Paperback Version Available At:  Bandcamp


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