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Memorize. Materialize. Mesmerize.

Welcome to the Studio of JC Greening

Travel through the seasons and

to distant places,

via music, poetry, and visions.

Sit next to a fire, look up into the sky,

and let yourself

become pure human.

Outer Space Transistor - Mission 003: Venus

You have once again tuned into the Outer Space Transistor, where we get to experience a truly life-altering journey from Earth to the Green, Exotic planet of Venus. Venturing through the ups and downs of this perilous adventure, the artists take you on a musical voyage that is sometimes peaceful, sometimes chaotic, but always moving. Covering several genres of music, this intense album reads much more as a soundtrack for the journey instead of a simple, genre-filling "space" album.

Featuring the Cosmic Poetry of J.H. Rood and the endlessly talented musician alex lopez.

album art by JC Greening.

purchase the limited edition Digital album at:  Bandcamp

Also Available at:


Winter Whispers

A solo piano album that gives you a peaceful winter vibe no matter the time of year. Amazing album art by Laura Potter.

Audio and CD Versions Available at:  Bandcamp

Purchase the album at these online stores:


Google Play


Amazon Music




Moon & Wood Magazine - Issue 001 

The Premiere issue of MOON & WOOD is now available HERE.

This bi-annual photographic journal features JC's photography, poetry, and essays centered on A differing theme for each issue.  Issue one focuses on "Deserts".

If you have ever wanted to own JC's work, this is by far the best value for the money, as you receive 50 pages of the highest quality work at a fraction of the price - $20!

In addition, all profits made from sales of MOON & WOOD will go directly to building JC's Biggest Dream, known only for now as - THE ORCHARD.

JC Greening Featured on DIVERSE TV!

I want to sincerely thank Diverse TV for featuring my poetry, along with other greatly talented poets from around the globe, on their amazing show, "Writings on the Wall", hosted by the great voice for ages to come, Alexandro Botelho.

Check out their entire line up of great shows, then follow, like, support, and share, for it is hard to find those who appreciate and promote independent artists.

Watch the Show Here.

Lonely Land
Volume I: The north Rockies

Explore the upper regions of the Northern Rockies through the lens of poet photographer, JC Greening. Mostly black and white photography, with just a splash of color, you will soon find yourself lost in the mountainous regions of your vision and soul.


hardcover Version Available at:  Blurb

PDF Version Available At:  Blurb

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