The Biography of JC Greening


The life of JC Greening has always been one of movement and artistic beauty.  Entering the world in November of 1977 via the conduit of Detroit, Michigan, JC would soon be surrounded with the love of horses and dogs, motorcycles and adventures, woods and waters.  As he continued to grow and explore various states, he would also grow in curiosity, artistic ability, and acquire a deep appreciation for holidays and mystery.

Elementary school would introduce JC to ninjas, ATV’s, scary VHS movies, and story writing.  Venturing down dirt roads on his BMX bike with friends and neighbors, he also became a businessman, selling lemonade and flavored drinks alongside his road to earn enough money to buy candy and construction paper for themed parties, often involving the holidays (especially Halloween and Christmas). 

As middle school soon came, JC grew as a writer and an artist, writing the screenplay for his first play, “Stone Soup”, and having two of his short stories published.  Of course, JC would star in his first play in the main role, and his neighbors and family would support him in his early endeavors.  JC would also learn how to play music at this point in his life, in the form of the violin and piano, instead of just constantly listening to it via blank cassettes filled with recorded radio songs.

But, as life would have it, college soon ended and JC was introduced to the work world.  Attending police academy, JC would quickly move from a Sheriff’s Deputy to Lt. Detective in Ohio, presenting unique challenges, characters, and moments to JC that will last his entire life.  However, JC needed a change after several years in law enforcement, and he found it in business. 

Furthermore, JC embraced his own artistic side, and is always seeking to find the furthest reaches of the creative world, which is why this website exists. 

So, please pull up a comfy chair, throw a log on the fireplace, and fall deep into a state of contemplation, complication, and mystery with JC Greening.  JC’s work may seem light and bright at times, but there is always a strand of strangeness and darkness that lingers in his projects. So be ever watchful, dear visitor, and prepare yourself for the wide-ranging, ever-changing world of JC Greening.